Weekend Reading for Dec 04

Here’s a curated list of the articles I read this weekend.

Negative feedback antipatterns
Charles-Axel shares a template for providing negative feedback in a constructive manner.
via Software Lead Weekly

The Books I Recommend For The New Manager
I purchased Managing Oneself after reading this post. Google Play had it for less than $7.
via Software Lead Weekly

Visual Studio Development – Productivity Enhancements in Visual Studio 2017 RC
Check out some of the productivity enhancements coming in the new Visual Studio.
via MSDN Magazine

Introducing Rager

Rager is service that notifies you when the projects you care about most publish a new release. After signing up using your GitHub account, you can start “watching” your favorite projects hosted by GitHub, NuGet or npm. Every night Rager scans for new releases. If it finds one that you are “watching”, it sends you an email with a link to the new release!

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Vagrant Hostsupdater Requires Admin

VagrantPress and VVV use the Vagrant::Hostsupdater plugin to allow you to access your development WordPress sites at a friendlier URL (e.g. http://vagrantpress.dev instead of http://localhost:8080). On Windows machines, the plugin updates the file at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, but modifying this files requires admin access. Continue reading Vagrant Hostsupdater Requires Admin