Middleman Foundation

This weekend I decided to try out the static site generator, Middleman. While I was working on converting an existing static site, I decided to take the opportunity to try out Zurb’s Foundation and SCSS too. Andrea Moretti created a Middleman template to get you started doing just this, but I hate just using templates without understanding what they are doing. So I decided to start with Middleman’s HTML5 Boilerplate template and add the Foundation Bower package to it. You can check out the final product over on GitHub at https://github.com/blachniet/middleman-foundation. If you’re not interested in the inner workings, grab Andrea Morretti‘s Middleman Foundation template.

Middleman Template and Bower Setup

Initialize the project with the HTML5 Boilerplate.

> middleman init middleman-foundation --template=html5
> cd middleman-foundation

Create a .bowerrc file to specify a the install location for bower components

// .bowerrc
    "directory" : "source/bower_components"

Initialize bower for the project.

> bower init

Install Foundation.

> bower install foundation --save

Add the Compass configuration to config.rb.

# config.rb
compass_config do |config|
  # Require any additional compass plugins here.
  config.add_import_path "bower_components/foundation/scss"

  config.output_style = :compact

Add the bower directory to the Sprockets asset path in the config.rb.

# config.rb
# Add bower's directory to sprockets asset path
after_configuration do
  @bower_config = JSON.parse(IO.read("#{root}/.bowerrc"))
  sprockets.append_path File.join "#{root}", @bower_config["directory"]

Replace CSS with SCSS

Delete source/css/main.css and source/css/normalize.css. In their place add a new file, all.css.scss.

# all.css.scss
@import "normalize.scss";
@import "foundation.scss";

Replace the stylesheet references in the <head> of source/layouts/layout.erb with the all.css.scss.

<!-- source/layouts/layouts.erb -->
<%= stylesheet_link_tag "all" %>

Use Modernizr from Bower

Create a source/js/modernizr.js with the following content to include the modernizr source from the installed bower components.

// source/js/modernizr.js
//= require modernizr/modernizr

Then replace the modernizr reference in layouts.erb‘s head with <%= javascript_include_tag "modernizr" %>.

Use Other Javascripts from Bower

Delete all files (except the new modernizr.js) in source/js/, and create all.js with the following contents to include necessary javascripts from the bower components.

// source/js/all.js
//= require jquery/dist/jquery
//= require foundation/js/foundation.min

Then, update layouts.erb to reference your new all.js and remove the old javascript references.

<!-- source/layouts/layout.erb -->
<%= javascript_include_tag  "all" %>


You’re all ready to go. Launch middleman server and start building!