Flare3D & FlashDevelop Setup

This post is a simple walkthrough for getting the latest Flare3D pre release (2.0.42) and the latest FlashDevelop (4.0.0 RC1) working together nicely. This post builds on an older how-to done by the Flare3D team which can be found here.
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Flash Data Storage Services : Part 2

In my last post we set up our EasyPHP server and created a MySQL database for our event manager. In this post we are going to create the Amfphp service to create, delete, and get events from the database. We are also going to create an ActionScript 3 class to talk to the PHP service. Continue reading Flash Data Storage Services : Part 2

Data Storage Services for Flash Applications : Part 1

A core need of many online Flash applications is to store data in an online database. Supporting this need requires the integration of a few different technologies. The solution that I will be walking you through in this and the next tutorial post will integrate AS3, PHP, MySQL, and amfphp. This post will contain the boring, yet necessary, setup steps. This includes installing all tools and frameworks as well as creating the MySQL database to store your application data. Continue reading Data Storage Services for Flash Applications : Part 1

Hello Android AIR World

A while back I wrote my first ‘Hello World’ Android AIR application but never posted anything about it. Since I have this shiny new site, I figured I’d write up something real quick. If you know me at all, it would come as no surprise that I have not dropped the $700 or so on Flash CS5.5. That means that I did this application, a very simple Pong game, with only FlashDevelop. Continue reading Hello Android AIR World

Partial Views with Unobtrusive AJAX

In my recent exploration of web development in ASP.NET, I found what I assume to be a fairly common need to have part of a view/page update without the entire page updating. In my particular case, I wanted to have a page that listed items but also provided a form that allowed you to add an item. When an item was added, the list of items would be updated without having to regenerate the entire page. Continue reading Partial Views with Unobtrusive AJAX