How Not To Restart A ClickOnce Application

Normally if you need to restart a WPF application programatically, you would use the following code:

private void Restart() 

If you have a ClickOnce WPF application, you do not want to do this. In order to understand why, you need to understand how a ClickOnce application is normally launched.

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Borderless WPF Window

I’ve put together a very simple borderless WPF window that complements Microsoft’s Metro style quite well. I won’t go into a lot of detail here, since the code does most of the talking, but I will go over the important parts here. If you want to skip right to the source code, you can find it over at GitHub: Continue reading Borderless WPF Window

Diving Into World Construction Kit

In the game that I’ve been working on recently I’ve been using this amazing little library called World Construction Kit (WCK). This framework has saved me tons of time and made setting up Box2D worlds and bodies really easy. Emanuele Feronato wrote up a nice getting started tutorial and there are 2 very useful pages on the GitHub Wiki:

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