This post is a simple walkthrough for getting the latest Flare3D pre release (2.0.42) and the latest FlashDevelop (4.0.0 RC1) working together nicely. This post builds on an older how-to done by the Flare3D team which can be found here.

  1. Get the latest FlashDevelop
    • Download FlashDevelop 4.0.0 RC1 here.
    • Run the installer.
      • Make sure that you install Flex 4.5 SDK as part of the FlashDevelop installation. The installer will do this by default.
  2. Get FlashPlayer 11
    • Download the latest FlashPlayer here.
    • Note that Chrome updates its FlashPlayer automatically, and at the time of this posting, it was still at version 10.3. You may have to use a different browser, such as Firefox. See Nick H’s comment below on how to use FlashPlayer 11 in Chrome by disabling the default player plug-in.
  3. Get Flare3D 2.0 Pre-Release
    • Sign up here to get a download link emailed to you.
    • Unzip the downloaded files.
  4. Configure the Project
    • Open flare3d_prerelease.as3proj in FlashDevelop
    • Open the project properties (right click on the project and select “Properties"li>
    • In the Output tab, Platform group box, select Flash Player version 11.0

    Output Tab

    • To automatically launch in Firefox:

    • In the Test Project group box (still Output tab) select ‘Run Custom Command…’, click Edit, and enter ‘firefox.exe bin\index.html

    • Go to the SDK tab and make sure that Flex 4.5.1, AIR 2.7 is the selected SDK

    SKD Tab

    • Go to the Compiler Options and add ‘lib\Flare3D_2042.swc’ to the SWC Libraries array. Right click on ‘lib\Flare3D_2042.swc’ in the project tree and check ‘Add to Library’. Thanks to Philippe for this suggested change.

    Add To Library

  5. Run an example
    • Open the ‘examples’ folder in the project
    • Right click on
    • Click Document Class
    • Build & Launch by pressing Ctrl+Enter

    _Example _