I’ve been working on a new web app lately and decided to allow users to sign up and log in with their GitHub account. I’m using go-github to interact with the GitHub API and with this library there are two different ways to get a user’s email address.

If you want to get the current user’s primary email address, use the Users.ListEmails() method. This method returns all the emails associated with the GitHub user and indicates whether the email address is their Primary address. In order to use this method, you need to request the user or user:email scope when acquiring the OAuth access token.

// Print the current user's primary email address
emails, _, _ := githubClient.Users.ListEmails(&github.ListOptions{PerPage:10})
for _, e := range emails{
    if *e.Primary{
        fmt.Printf("Primary Email Address: %v", *e.Email)

If you are using GitHub for authentication, then the above method is what you are looking for. If you don’t actually require an email address and don’t want to request the user or user:email scope, you can retrieve the user’s publicly visible email address with Users.Get(""). Keep in mind that this may be nil, as you are not required to make an email address publicly visible in GitHub.

// Get the current user's public email address
user, _, _ := githubClient.Users.Get("")
if user.Email != nil{
    fmt.Printf("Public Email Address: %v", *user.Email)