Lately I’ve been working on improving my home network, so I’ve decided to write up some posts on my experience. Most of them will probably be pretty short and reference other sites and tutorials, but I plan on pointing out some of the issues, tips and tricks I’ve discovered along the way.

Here’s some of the things that I’ll be going over. As I make posts about each of these, I’ll place links to them here.

  • Planning

  • Features

    • File Share Server - Store your pictures, music, and other files in one place and share them with all your devices.
    • File Backup Server - Periodically back up your computers to a server.
    • Media Server - Stream movies, music and tv shows from a server to all your devices.
    • VPN - Access you network resources from anywhere
    • Monitoring Server - Monitor your IP cameras and start recording when motion is detected.
    • DVD Ripping Server - Use a server to run CPU intensive tasks such as ripping DVDs.