As the title suggests, the goal of this site is not entirely ironed out. I’m actually trying to think of goals as I write this now, so lets start out with a simple introduction. I am a Computer Science graduate from Virginia Tech, class of 2009, with a minor in Mathematics. Since graduation I have worked on client-side gaming machines at Video Gaming Technologies, Inc. near Charlottesville, VA. While at VGT I have had the opportunity to expand my technical experience in both C# and C++, as well as get my feet wet in a few other languages including Python and ActionScript.

Now that I have lost the interest of one of the two readers whose eyes will ever caress these words, here’s my current list of goals for this site:

  • Provide myself with a platform for sharing/showing off some of my work.
  • Provide readers with some helpful tips, tricks and tutorials in whatever technology I happen to be working in.
  • Promote myself as a developer.
  • Prove P = NP

That last one might be a little ambitious, but a nerd can dream. Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve most of these, but I’m counting on that one guy that’s still reading to let me know when I don’t.


A big thanks goes out to BH Booker and Swank Web Style for helping me get this site up and going. Definitely check out Swank Web Style for your web design and hosting needs.