Reevaluate Your Log Levels

Constantly reevaluate the logging level applied to log events. Your typing was not directed by angels and your code was not ordained by God when you selected warning as the level for your log event. That code is up for change just like the rest. Too often I see piles of log events with poorly assigned log levels. If there’s an error event flooding your logs that you have no intention to fix, change the logging level....

September 12, 2015

KENS Structured Logging Slides

Last month I gave a presentation on using Serilog, Elasticsearch and Kibana for logging from an application. You can see the slides from that presentation below. I’ve had a lot of success with this trio lately. It has provided a lot of details about what is going on in my application that would have been more difficult to obtain before.

May 11, 2015

Good Habits for Structured Logging with Serilog

Below is a collection of good habits I’ve identified in my recent experiences with structured logging. The code examples are specific to Serilog, but the ideas can be applied to other structured logging tool sets (my stack of choice for .NET projects is Serilog, Elasticsearch and Kibana). Got your own structured logging practices to contribute? Share them on Twitter! EventID When you create you log events, include an EventID property to uniquely identify the event....

March 3, 2015

Structured Logging with Serilog and ELK

ThoughtWorks recently released their Technology Radar report for January 2015 and structured logging was among the techniques that they strongly suggested that the industry adopt. I’ve actually had some exposure to structured logging over the past year and have been very happy with the results. So, I thought I would share my experience. My first exposure to structured logging was in early 2014. I was creating a simple Python application to monitor the amount traffic through my modem throughout the day and I was logging events from my application to logentries....

February 23, 2015