Describing Tables in MSSQL

There are 2 particularly good stored procedures in SQL Server for getting information about a particular table. sp_columns returns detailed information about each of the columns in the table. Thanks to Vincent Ramdhanie StackOverflow answer sp_columns @tablename sp_help returns detailed information about the entire table including the columns and constraints. Thanks to Brannon for his StackOverflow answer sp_help @tablename

February 9, 2013

Flash Data Storage Services : Part 2

In my last post we set up our EasyPHP server and created a MySQL database for our event manager. In this post we are going to create the Amfphp service to create, delete, and get events from the database. We are also going to create an ActionScript 3 class to talk to the PHP service. Creating the Service Your event service will be contained within a single PHP file in the Amfphp\Services\ directory....

September 6, 2011

Data Storage Services for Flash Applications : Part 1

A core need of many online Flash applications is to store data in an online database. Supporting this need requires the integration of a few different technologies. The solution that I will be walking you through in this and the next tutorial post will integrate AS3, PHP, MySQL, and amfphp. This post will contain the boring, yet necessary, setup steps. This includes installing all tools and frameworks as well as creating the MySQL database to store your application data....

August 30, 2011